Sanna has been a teacher since 1999. She is not only a jazz singer, but also a jazz pianist and authorised CVT-teacher and therefor has many things to offer as a teacher. She works on Complete Vocal Technique, building repertoire, making arrangements, accompanying one’s self on piano while singing, improvisation (scat), phrasing and many more topics. She has taught at most Conservatories in the Netherlands as a guest teacher and is a steady teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where she gives vocal improvisation lessons, piano accompaniment for singers, arranging for trio. Besides the steady lessons she also offers online improvisation courses to singers from all around the world.


Improvising on a jazz standard has become a specialty of Sanna. She teaches vocal improvisation lessons jazz (“scat”) at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. Besides this she gives private improvisation lessons. In these lessons there is room for personal questions about improvisation. These can vary from scat-syllables, harmonic explanation, scales, ear-training, building up a solo, improvise in odd meters to singing chord-progressions etc.


The Conservatory of Amsterdam offers online courses for people from all over the world to participate. The courses are made by the teachers from the Conservatory and the lessons resemble the lessons given in the institute on a daily basis. The Vocal Improvisation Online Course consists of 5 lessons where you will learn the basics of improvising such as scales, chord progressions and swing-feel. Each week you will receive a new video lesson in which you will get examples, develop a study routine and get assignments. On every assignment you will get personal feed-back. For more information and sign-up:


Sanna van Vliet is an authorised Complete Vocal Technique-teacher and has completed the 3-year teachers-education CVT in Copenhagen in 2009. With this authorisation she is one of the official dutch CVT-teachers in The Netherlands. Sanna will organise a few CVT-masterclasses a year. During a masterclass the overall principles and vocal modes of CVT will be explained. There will be group-excersises and also an opportunity to work individually in a masterclass-setting.


In these jazz singing lessons we can work on timing, phrasing, technical issues, interpretation, arranging, improvisation, building repertoire, preparing for an (entrance) exam or recording and other things you have questions about. Sanna also likes to teach ear-training and jazz theory. The private lessons are mainly build around the singer’s requests and wishes.



In these lessons we will focus on accompanying yourself while you sing. Dividing your attention well between singing and playing, diving in to the harmonic and rhythmic possibilities, focussing on piano playing that really supports the singing. These lessons are for singers who already have experience in playing piano. Main focus is on jazz, but other styles are also possible.